About - Brian Hewitt

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist that’s pretty much fascinated by everything. In short, I have a diverse range of photographic experiences and continue to seek more. I’ve been into this craft for about five years now and it has become a fundamental aspect of my existence. My deepest passion in life has always been listening to and creating music. Drums have always been my instrument of choice. I began playing when my feet could reach the pedals and then went on to teach professionally for seven years. I’m really into all kinds of stuff and simultaneously pursue many interests.

Born in central New Jersey and a life-long resident of the many towns that straddle the Delaware River, I have always been passionate about my locale. This area has many different types of geographic features to happily photograph. Sunsets over the river is an if-all-else-fails activity that I try to do as often as possible. I love the duality of seemingly static and forever dynamic; you never know what you'll see. Some people go to church or whatever, others can be found meandering for pictures down at the old mill here in Stockton on any given evening.

In photography, I typically come from a less-is-more approach and strive for a real-feel, as if you were standing there taking the picture yourself. I’d like to proudly state that this is what I intended to do from the beginning, but it has always been done out of practicality. My discovery of photography came about in a very random way and I never plotted out any kind of formal approach originally. This has lent itself to creating organic images that rely more upon compelling context (subjects/lighting/etc) and convey a very authentic viewing experience versus a ton of production that I believe leaves images seeming and feeling very synthetic/artificial. I always prefer natural/low lighting, yet I have used lights and flashes extensively to meet client expectations.

Professionally published a good number of times in local magazines. Events from Proms to Car Shows to Engagements/Weddings to Parades. Portraiture/Family/Models/Pets. Products/Retail/Macro. Countless Landscapes, some of which hang in local restaurants and galleries.

I’m always open to, and grateful for, any photographic opportunity. If you ever happen to have any questions, please never hesitate to ask!

Brian Shooting at Palisades